Both adults and children face their own set of challenges and difficulties. Here at Brain Body Dynamics, we tailor each ‘balance’ session specifically for the individual and do our best to ensure you get the most out of this experience.


With adults we facilitate goal setting, then test muscles to find out root causes and how your body’s energy responds to goal and bring them into balance to support the goal.

When do you need a balance?

For adults, getting a balance is a good self-maintenance program, but we also assist adults facing a range of challenges. The more common ones include:

  • Emotional Issues
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Low Energy
  • Personal Growth Issues
  • Physical Pain
  • Trauma & Abuse
  • Self-Confidence
  • Stress Management


Children naturally go through their physical development such as rolling, crawling, creeping, sitting up, standing and walking. Their first year of life (from conception) plays a crucial role in the building a huge capacity for learning and behavior, like the growing of neurological networks and maturing of the central nervous system. These are achieved mainly via involuntary physical movements or primitive survival reflexes. These movements are triggered by messages from the internal and external senses and in turn will also affect the smooth functioning of the senses.

These primitive survival movements naturally cease to show up when the child is a year old. In many instances, they do remain in the child and they can hinder many learning experiences and cause behavioral challenges. There are many causes for this such as inadequate/improper nurturing environment, physical environment, medical, nutritional, emotional and others. 

When do they need a balance?

There are a number of challenges that children face. Some of these include:

Emotional Challenges

  • Fear
  • Uncontrollable Outbursts
  • Trauma
  • Self-Confidence
  • Bullying

Behavioral Challenges

  • Attention & Focus
  • Social Interactions
  • Aggression

Learning Challenges

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Verbal Expression
  • Exam Stress

Physical Developmental Issues

  • Speech
  • Posture
  • Retained Childhood Reflexes
  • Sensory Integration Issues

among many others.




Step 1 : Discuss challenges and situations that you may be experiencing and formulate goals to overcome these challenges.

Step 2 : Through the use of muscle testing, we will evaluate your body’s responses to the situation.

Step 3 : We further use muscle testing to let your body decide the best technique it requires to bring itself back into flow and balance.

Step 4 : We do a full re-evaluation and take notice of the positive changes.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to access imbalances in the energy meridians of the whole body. There are up to 42 muscles that can be tested. These imbalances are the body’s response to the specific context or situation that’s being addressed.

The session is an educational process and as the client, you play a very important role. The objective of the session is to empower you towards taking charge of your own growth and personal development.


Step 1 : Making a connection with a child who comes is of a primary importance. This is usually done through the use of ‘Original Play’ which is child-lead. Through the play, we will get a sense of where the child is with through their actions and movements.

Step 2 : Evaluation of childhood reflexes and senses. Any retention of childhood reflexes will give us more information on the underlying causes of the challenges that are presented.

With children aged 7 and above, a brain-dominance profile will be drawn up. This profile will indicate the learning style of the child when he/she is under stress. A program will be designed based on our evaluation and discussions with parents. Parents are also expected to provide information on the developmental history of the child. Parental coaching on expectations will also be carried out.

Subsequent sessions will be based on the designed program. Emotional issues may arise during these sessions and will be taken into context during the session.

At the end of each session, parents will be advised on home support activities and strategies to support their child. We will also address any concerns that parents may have.


Balanced Energy


Better Self-Control

Personal Growth

Learning Readiness

Vitality & Wellness

Pain Relief

Better Communication


Adult - Single Session

BHD 45
  • 1.5 hours per session
  • Savings: BHD 20

*This service will be charged per session


Adult - 5 Sessions

BHD 200
  • 1.5 hours per session
  • BHD 40 per session*

*This service will be charged as a complete package


Adult - 10 Sessions

BHD 380
  • 1.5 hours per session
  • BHD 38 per session*

*This service will be charged as a complete package

Child - First Session

BHD 35
  • 1.5 hours for first session

*This service will be charged per session

Child - Single Session

BHD 30
  • 1 hour per session
  • Only available after first session

*This service will be charged per session


Child - 5 Sessions

BHD 138
  • 1.5 hours for first session
  • 1 hour for subsequent sessions
  • Includes first session

*This service will be charged as a complete package


Child - 10 Sessions

BHD 260
  • 1.5 hours for first session
  • 1 hour for subsequent sessions
  • Includes first session

*This service will be charged as a complete package

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