Your company’s bottom line is a crucial part of running a successful organization. Productivity, efficiency, and profit margins have been directly or indirectly affected by personnel who mean well but at the same time not yet in their best elements and well-being to operate at their peak performance. Medical leave, absenteeism or mere lack of focus may result in lost hours of work. This may be caused by low-spirited and marginally motivated staff who are dealing with stress and pressure from both their professional and personal lives. Each individual’s mental, emotional, physical, energetic & spiritual capacities are challenged every single day both in and outside of work.

These capacities can be expanded. Expanded capacity means better equilibrium and balance of all the internal forces that make up the individual. A balance will support the individual’s ability to move from being reactive to proactive. A balance will also ease the way for the individual to move out of being ‘stuck’ in whatever situation he or she may be in.

How do we support you?

We facilitate a brain-body integration process in every program, group and individual coaching session. The group sessions are initiated by goals and themes desired by the company prior to the coaching sessions. During individual sessions we explore the root of personal issues affecting the client and we support positive change with specific non-intrusive physical and energetic techniques.

How are we different?

Learning and living are not all in the head. There can only be so much mental or intellectual rationalization as to how we can improve ourselves, but no matter how much we psyche ourselves, we still feel unmotivated to make the first step to change.

That’s where our process and techniques can support you.  We facilitate change in our client with a ground-up approach.

Our Focus

  • Addressing root causes of the challenges to bring about permanent change
  • Re-educating the senses and survival reflexes through intentional movement

Research has shown that when we move with intent, we grow more targeted neural connections that will bring integration throughout all parts of the brain and body. This means our whole internal self capacities are upgraded and expanded.


More Energetic

More Versatile & Flexible

Better Time Management

More Calm & Grounded

Better Focus

Better Communication

More Resilient

Better Productivity

Better Stress Management

More Motivated

Better Problem Solving

Better Team Dynamics